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Septic Tank Pumping in New Hampshire

Your on-site septic system represents a significant investment which you will want to protect. With proper operation and regular septic tank pumping and maintenance, your system will function better and last longer.

How often should you have your septic tank pumped?

Do not wait until your system shows signs of failure to have your septic tank pumped out.
It is recommended that you have your septic tank pumped every two to three years. Sometimes more often depending on how many people are using the system, the tank capacity, the age and type of septic system you have. While your tank is being pumped, ask the technician to examine the inlet and outlet baffles in the septic tank. If either is broken, have repairs done immediately. The inlet should also be checked to see if wastewater is continuously flowing into the tank from previously undetected plumbing leaks. The outlet baffle is more important than the inlet baffle. Its loss will allow untreated material to go directly to the absorption area; failure of the system is the common result. If there is a tank filter, it should be cleaned every six to twelve months and every time you pump the tank.Septic tank pumping near me

Septic systems generally give little warning that they are about to fail. However, the following symptoms often indicate that the leaching system is becoming clogged: a) Sewage odor near the septic tank or leaching area; b) Slowly running drains and toilets; c) Sewage on the ground over the septic tank and/or leaching area.                                 

Protect the system by keeping the soil over the leachfield covered with vegetation to prevent erosion. Maintain the natural shape of the land immediately down slope of the system and protect this area from cutting and filling. Landscape the yard to divert surface waters away from the tank and leachfield.


Other Septic Tank Maintenance Services We Offer:

  • Riser Installations to minimize or eliminate digging
  • Filter Cleaning & Installation
  • Repairs-Inlet/Outlet Baffles, Minor Pipe Repairs

Flushable wipes are NEVER flushable in septic systems.

Did you know that baby wipes may specify they are flushable, but should never be flushed into your septic system? This also includes adult wipes, cleaning wipes, medical wipes, etc.

In fact, the only paper product that should be “flushed” is toilet paper. It is the only paper designed to break down as it travels through the wastewater treatment process.