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Septic System Tips

 A Properly Designed, Installed & Maintained Septic System Will Adequately Treat Your Sewage.

A Failed Septic System is Unhealthful, Illegal, a Nuisance and a Potential Threat to the Health of our Groundwater/Watershed and Surrounding Wells.

Pump Your Tank(S) Every Two To Three Years, Sometimes More Often Depending On How Many People Are Using The System, The Tank Capacity, The Age and type Of Septic System you have.

    • Know the location of your septic tank and pump station if you have one.
    • Mark the covers clearly, have exact measurements, or install risers.
    • If your tank has a filter it should be cleaned yearly and every time you pump the tank.
    • Know “What’s Flushable”
    • Minimize or eliminate the use of a sink disposal if the system was not designed to include it.
    • Eliminate “wash day” and spread loads throughout the week instead.
    • Conserve water and use water-reducing appliances and fixtures if possible.
    • Repair leaky fixtures.
    • Make sure that water from the roof, gutters, and foundation drains do not flow over or into the leachfield.
    • Keep deep-rooted trees and shrubs from growing on your leachfield and around the septic tank area.



  • flush or put down the drains bulky waste, grease, colored toilet paper, disposable diapers or wipes, feminine products, plastic, toxic materials, paint, solvents, oils, poisons or pesticides which can kill beneficial bacteria and contaminate groundwater and the watershed.
  • use commercial additives or enzymes.
  • discharge water softener treatment backflush or sump pumps into the system if the system was not designed to include them.
  • allow vehicles, livestock, pools, and/or stacks of wood on your leachfield, as the weight can compact the soils and/or break the pipes or chambers.
  • cover the leachfield with asphalt or concrete if not the design intent.
  • burn brush or anything else over your leachfield.
  • attempt to repair a failing system yourself. Hire an experienced septic system contractor.

Any Soggy Areas Around The Leachfield Or Disagreeable Odors Indicates A Problem
Have It Checked Immediately!

Flushable wipes are NEVER flushable in septic systems.

Did you know that baby wipes may specify they are flushable, but should never be flushed into your septic system? This also includes adult wipes, cleaning wipes, medical wipes, etc.

In fact, the only paper product that should be “flushed” is toilet paper. It is the only paper designed to break down as it travels through the wastewater treatment process.